Sea anglers build outreach capacity.

Another successful Academy was completed in Blairgowrie on 20th May.  Three of the group were placed on the course by the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network, a first step toward building its future outreach and education capacity.  Dreamstore wishes SSACN the very best in this exciting development.

Great too that this was the first course where the majority of participants were under 30.

Two in particular, placed on the course by Angling for Youth Development, were young people who grew up in angling with the local Blairgowrie AFYD group.  It was very satisfying to see Christopher and Connor (right) join the course, having been through AFYD and supported by those who had been on our first ever course in 2007/8.  This represents the ultimate in regeneration and sustainability within the voluntary sector. Well done all those involved.


Dreamstore Academy provides training for people active in education, youth and community, using angling as an activity. Short courses are provided from time to time on subjects if interest to the voluntary sector. The most significant training is using the Level 2 standard Coaching Course accredited by SQA which meets all the UKCC outcomes for this level of angling coaching, but is geared specificially for those active in the voluntary sector. Uniquely it includes a module on disability. The Dreamstore Academy is held at various locations across the UK. For more information click here.