Sight Lines

Dreamstore has been working with the Royal National College for the Blind, specifically the RNC Angling Club, on a project which we hope to launch in 2015 – we’re calling the project ‘Sight Lines’. Hopefully, more of that later. Meantime, building up to that we have supported a complete makeover of the Club’s website.

We have kept the website simple and clean, to support easy access for those with visual impairment.

RNC website


There is a special section of questions and answers to help those with visual impairment enjoy their fishing in the Frequently Asked Questions section. There is also a number of stories that might inspire others to pick up a rod again, or maybe for the first time; in the VI Stories section there are examples from those with a visual impairment of their experience angling.

The person who organises the Club, Barry Morris, believes that students at the RNC have gained a lot through angling, and he wants to share the experience more widely;

“Angling is a wonderful enrichment activity. The wide range of age groups passing through the college means we have extended Every Child Matters to Every Person Matters (EPM). Angling fulfills every aspect of EPM, as well as providing a recreational activity that learners can continue as a pastime after leaving the College.” 

Barry is always happy to provide advise to anglers with visual impairment, and the most common questions are posted on the website to share the answers with everyone. Details of how to contact Barry are in the Contact Us section.