Small grants make a difference

A reminder that small grants can make a big difference. Dreamstore‘s Small Grants programme was created to support voluntary organisations and groups to fund items that might help get a project started, pilot an idea or programme, or pay for kit that isn’t likely to be funded by some of the larger funding programmes out there. We do like to see small grants being used as leverage into a larger and more sustained effort.

The process of applying has been kept deliberately simple. We are most interested in knowing:

  • A description what ‘need’ the project fulfills;
  • A reason why you have chosen angling as the project activity;
  • An outline of how you intend to follow-up the event/activity;

Of course we also like to know what is the likely cost of the request – realistic costs.

The short application is followed up with a phone call or visit to best understand the need and how best to deliver benefit going forward. When appropriate we are keen to build partnership going forward.

Dreamstore does like to keep in touch with those we help. For example, when we supplied starter kits to a group last year the reels were found not to perform well. We have since provided replacement reels and look forward to hearing how the kit we supplied in time for the family day introduction to angling will be used as a new junior angling initiative goes forward in the new 2018 season.

Please take a look at our Small Grants section on our website.