St. Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School

St Bernadette’s Catholic Prinary School requested that the DEAZ should be used as an aid to Year 6 children engaging postively with numeracy.  The DEAZ continues to be a popular way of encouaging young people to take a greater interest in mathematics, through a thoroughly enjoyable angling experience.

What they say…

Miss Jacqueline Ryan of St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School wrote her thanks on behalf of the school:

I am writing to express my thanks to your organisation, for the excellent session that you provided on Wednesday…

The activities were very interactive and they gave the children an opportunity to practically practice their mathematical skills and concepts. The session has enabled the children’s understanding further. Their obvious enjoyment of mathematical and fishing content was evident throughout and the children as a result have not only benefited from the mathematical exposure but have been exposed the activity of fishing (many commenting that they are going to fish with family members now).

Again many thanks for providing this session for our Year 6 children.

And some comments from Year 6 pupils at St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School, Sophie and Andrew:

Dear fishing people, We had a great time playing and learning with all the activities that you provided. The games were really fun as well! We just want to thank you for a lovely day; it really was a fun way to do a numeracy lesson. We want you to come back soon so we can have a great time again. We liked the bit when we had to get a real fishing rod and had to get it in the circles 1 to 5. I learnt so much about fishing and I would like to do it again. In addition, I also liked to the way you had to throw the balls into the basket (but I missed a couple).

Please come back soon. If you can’t come back to us I think the next school that you visit is really lucky!

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