Still the best – Albrighton Moat

Not only the best, but sadly still one of only a handful of dedicated disability friendly fishing locations in the country.

Dreamstore visited Albrighton Moat in the Spring to discuss a project that we had in mind. The place was looking little muddy and forlorn – a building site – with the Moat undergoing a long needed upgrade. The liner of the Moat had been leaking for some time and the fishing platforms in urgent need of updating and repair: hard to believe that its 25 years since the British Disabled Angling Association (BDAA) challenge to Anika.

Since then the BDAA has undertaken huge work in developing guidance on how to prepare and build suitable platforms for accessible angling. Dreamstore has been fully behind the BDAA in its work, believing that accessible angling platforms and accessible fisheries are family friendly fisheries and good for all anglers, from beginner to expert.

Albrighton Moat has certainly benefited from all those years of BDAA learning and overseeing improvements for accessible angling. A visit in September to Albrighton and the Moat is transformed. A new special accessible coaching platform is the centrepiece, with all new platforms and a stable water level providing a much improved angling experience for all.

Congratulations to Albrighton on the upgrade. From feedback, the new platforms are being hugely enjoyed by everyone who visits and fishes, by coaches and participants alike.