Stoke Angling For Everyone (SAFE) is awarded the Group Award 2005

Left to right; Dafydd Evans of the Environment Agency presents Daniel Wright and Desiree Elliott (Project Co-ordinator), from SAFE, the Group Award 2005.

Stoke Angling For Everyone (SAFE) was awarded the Group Award 2005 at the Dreamstore Active Awards evening held at Chesford Grange, Warwickshire. The Group Award, sponsored by the Environment Agency is presented to a Club, Association, or Society that has demonstrated an ability to generate and sustain membership, and undertaken innovative and imaginative programmes or activities that have opened participation to new anglers and provided a welcoming environment to all those who take part in Club, Association, or Society activities.

A Dreamstore spokesman said:

“From the simple idea of using Council waters more effectively by anglers as the keenest stakeholders of waters, this group has transformed under-used and disregarded resource into an asset to the area. Stoke Angling for Everyone had the foresight to understand that to move ahead required professional resource and drew down lottery money to advertise, interview and hire a project co-ordinator.”

“In just one year SAFE introduced 2000 new people to angling and has been the catalyst for junior membership with partner angling clubs treble. SAFE has an active coaching programme for juniors and seniors, the on-going management of an ever widening range of angling participation events and the help and support to others in the region with their ideas and activities. The Group Award 2005, sponsored by the Environment Agency, was deservedly accepted by Stoke Angling For Everyone.”

Dreamstore Active created the Awards night to highlight the tremendous work and effort that goes into activity that rarely receives a mention in the media, and few accolades from their peers. The underlying message of the Awards is that an awful lot can be achieved by those dedicated to doing their best, and underscored by a vision and passion to achieve.

The Dreamstore Active Awards evening highlighted a range of groups, projects and individuals making a real difference to society and of great credit to the angling community. The Awards look to the huge efforts that bring enormous value to wider society through angling. The awards are not about the fish, equipment or celebrity.