Supporting the community

Hartcliffe & Withywood Angling Club supports young people from estates South of Bristol.

Last year at the end of the season Dreamstore visited a small private pond, provided by local business Arthur David, that the Club had refurbished and improved general access. Dreamstore has provided some safety equipment to get the site up and running this year. It is a great initiative, and with exclusive access for the Club it provides something special for the young people with which the Club works.

After a period of finding it difficult to find local waters to take the kids from the estates on fishing trips the group leader, Mike Robbins, tells Dreamstore he is very optimistic about growing the work locally with this private pond and some other commercial fisheries becoming more accessible. .

2019 started well with a new group of young people signing up to the Club and early visits to a larger commercial fishery that offered easy fish to get everyone off to a great start.

Mike and his team of volunteers have persevered in helping young people when many other opportunities have been cut from publicly funded programmes, overcoming many hurdles. In addition to local business support, the Club has welcomed the engagement from the local Bishop Sutton Community Church. Mike represents a part of the fishing community that rarely gets attention and works away quietly for the love of the sport and with a vocation to open opportunities for young people to enjoy angling as a recreational outlet that might not otherwise be available.