The grandmother who cleaned a beach for every week of the year.

Most New Year’s resolutions are broken within a day to two of being made. Not for Pat Smith, aged 70, who resolved to pick litter from Cornish beaches; one outing every week of 2018, 52 in total.

CornwallLive news site lists all of Pat’s 52 beach cleans.

A fantastic achievement.

Widely reported, Pat makes the point that she shouldn’t have to pick up what people leave behind, commenting:

“In two hours I collected two black bags full of tiny fragments of plastic detritus which the ocean had spat back at us.”

“We should all take responsibility for picking up the litter, as well as ensuring we don’t drop litter in the first place.”

Exactly. Take your litter home. It is a message anglers, whether at the sea or on the bank of a river, lake or fishery need to remember too. The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network has an easy ten-point reminder of how to look after the environment leaving only footprints.

Download: Leave only footprints

It only takes a moment’s thought to make a lifetime of difference to the environment.