JETSET (Junior Environmental Taskforce / Senior Environmental Taskforce) is part of the programme to regenerate the Wandle River in London. The end of the heavy industrial age has left its scars on our landscape, not least on many of our waterways. The group was established to be hands-on in clearing the debris of decades of neglect. Each weekend on selected stretches of the river they gather to grapple, dive and collect skip loads of items as large as motorbikes and metal wastes to those as small as the ubiquitous plastic bags. On occasions, as a stretch is cleared of rubbish and the silts move away to reveal the riverbed, the fish move back.

The project has developed into a successful schools programme with web-based information and classroom work on the river and its environment – practical support by kids is only rarely on very strict health & safety rule bound occasions. And a simple Trout in the Classroom project lets kids see fish grow before release back into the restored river. A teacher handbook provides instructions, helpful hints, and extra curricula activities centred on the aquarium. For 2005/2006 Dreamstore has sponsored three classroom projects, adding to the eleven tanks already in schools up and down the Wandle Valley.