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Nidderdale Angling Club in North Yorkshire was looking to update its ageing disabled angling platforms. Early designs didn’t quite seem right, and the Club contacted dreamstore to ask it we could supply any guidelines before it started to build.














Knowing how keen the Club was to get started on the new disabled platforms, dreamstore put the Club in touch with Terry Moseley at the British Disabled Angling Association who was more than happy to send the Club its unique “Access to Angling” guidance.

Ian Hegley from Nidderdale Angling very much appreciated the guidance from the BDAA. He commented:

“Receipt of the Access to Angling guidance was very welcome here at Nidderdale Angling. The BDAA has done an excellent job in outlining how best to provide access to benefit the disabled angler, and has made our job so much easier in planning the new platforms for our Club.”

BDAA President Terry Moseley was happy to have been able to provide Nidderdale Angling with a copy of the latest BDAA guidance.

“The BDAA ‘Access to Angling’ guidance its based on a wide range including British Standards and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).  It offers best practice ideas and options from which Clubs or Fisheries can easily make the choice that is right for them in planning disability access. Having used our guidelines, if any group wants to pass the plans by us by way of reassurance we’d be happy to help. It is good to remember that access for disabled people also means improved access for all”