The Stroke Association

The South Liverpool Dysphasia Support unit, managed by the Stroke Association approached the BDAA to organise a fishing ‘day out’ for the group. Dreamstore assisted by covering the cost of a disability friendly portable toilet to improve the appropriateness of the chosen fishery near Crewe, Cheshire. The group included a couple of men who had fished before their strokes, and a number of volunteers who were sceptical about the suitability of angling for the members. That scepticism was banished on the day. Everyone, those who had had a stroke and those volunteers who assisted on the day, had a marvellous time.

The BDAA coaches showed how disability could be overcome. Most important was a BDAA coach who had one arm, which gave huge encouragement to those who had had a stroke: especially to the two who had previously fished and had thought they would never again be able to enjoy their favourite pastime. Plans are currently in place to develop a fishing club attached to the Dysphasia Support group to provide a long-term interest for those with a stroke, to empower and engage members and volunteers in a positive and accessible pastime. Dreamstore will support this initiative in 2006 once the Club is established.