Turves Green Girls’ School

DEAZ had been tried and proven successful for mainstream school pupils with September’s visit to the Rednal Junior School. With the pilot for DEAZ underway, Get Hooked on Fishing Midlands was asked to support Numeracy Week at the Turves Green Girls’ School year 7. The school motto is ‘Educating Girls for the Future’ and January 2005 Chief Inspector’s report described it as ‘a particularly successful school.’

Dreamstore welcomed the opportunity to explore the versatility of DEAZ. The basic worksheets from our early sessions were developed to extend the value to a maths class using multiplication, weights, and basic calculations that could be used by the mathematics teachers in a variety of ways. The DEAZ hosted 60 pupils over two 2 hour morning sessions. Worksheets were completed at the DEAZ and all the maths was left for later classroom sessions.

Teachers welcomed the opportunity to make maths fun and that there was an experience to which the pupils could relate when doing the sums back in class. Another successful application for Dreamstore’s Education Action Zone.

What they say…

The girls of Turves Green Girls’ School & Technology College had a great time with Dreamstore Education Action Zone, using DEAZ as part of its ‘numeracy week’.

“My favourite bit was maggot alley.”

“1 liked collecting different balls from the different colours. Scoring the points in maggot alley was hard.”-

“Casting mat was really good, practising first and then having a proper go.”

“We had a laugh doing get hooked, the fishing game was good because it was like a mind game.”

“Get hooked on fish was fun because it was like fishing, it was difficult, but I enjoyed it.”

I enjoyed the pole alley because we worked as a team.

“I liked the fish game the most, the one where you had all kinds of fish and you had to write the name and the weight of the fish down.”

“I enjoyed all of the activities because I was with my friends and I had fun, I enjoyed casting mat the most because I was good at it.”

“I enjoyed all of the day.

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