What do funders want?

We have had two great Dreamstore Days, in Whitburn in Scotland on 2 March and in Hereford on 23rd March.

More on those two days later. Meanwhile, the presentation shared on each day was on a topic which everyone in the voluntary sector knows to be of pressing concern at this time: fundraising.

Dreamstore Day Scotland

Terry Yarnall is a professional fundraiser and offered some broad advice on ‘What do funders want?”. He provided an overview of the key skills you need to have to be a fundraiser, and some useful tips when making applications.

The biggest skill is in hearing NO, and then moving on to the next application.  Among other skills were:

  • Good writing skills – putting your message across clearly and succinctly;
  • Ability to work under pressure and to deadlines; and
  • Being able to build and maintain relationships over time.

The most useful tips when making applications would be to:

  • Make sure you are clear and precise and don’t waffle;
  • Prove credibility  through case studies, letters of support, and evidence that there is a demand from others for the project;
  • If you are asking for specifics, such as equipment, have a quote, or evidence that you know the cost;
  • Mention how you will monitor and report back how you will know you have achieved what you wanted to.

Full details of the presentation are available for our Dreamstore Angling Partnership through forum access.

It is tough out there, so hopefully all those attending the Dreamstore Day picked up some useful direction on making better applications as you endeavour to move your projects and programmes forward.