Winter practice

St Ninian’s Angling Club is a community based angling group in Paisley, meeting in the Hall of St Ninian’s Parish Church. St Ninian’s Angling Club wanted to work through the winter to keep young people engaged in positive recreation.  The big challenge is to maintain interest in angling through the cold wet winter nights.

Dreamstore was delighted to be able to provide a small grant for the purchase of practice rods. Although small, and with a rather obvious yellow/red line, these little rods perfectly replicate the feel of a cast with a regular rod, and have the added advantage of being safe to use indoors. Four rods were bought and put into immediate good use, with regular practice sessions and the development of variations in casts by the young people engaged with the Club.

All the best to the Club as the days lengthen and the opportunity arises to see if those practice casts have helped land that trout.